Access Control Solutions For Your Business

Access control is your answer to knowing who is in your premises and when, enabling you to limit entry to those staff and visitors entitled to have access. An access system acts as a visible deterrent, whether it is fitted to a single entrance or widely applied to a site with multiple doors and different access zones. A1 Security Group provides a wide choice of access systems; each designed to suit your needs and user preferences. Systems range from the simple stand-alone control of people entering and leaving your premises using a PIN number, to networked and integrated systems using a variety of security technologies, such as magnetic stripe readers. Alternatives include proximity readers using cards or fobs and biometric technology such as with finger-print readers or iris recognition.


Benefits of Access Control


Here are a few of the many benefits gained from installing access control. Please call us today to set a free consultation.

  • Access control enables all your security to be centrally controlled
  • Anyone without a PIN, access card or rights is prevented from access
  • Avoids the problem of lost keys – you can simply delete and re-issue a card
  • Stops widespread knowledge of a door entry code or combination
  • Helps manage site security with contract staff, or permanent staff who leave
  • Enables restricted access, safeguarding equipment and stock – e.g. IT staff to server room


Add or remove a pin number, issue a new card, and monitor who entered or exited at what time all from one location


A1 Security Group is the regional leader in Paxton integration. Paxton specializes in access control equipment with over 30 years of industry experience


If an employee forgets their access code or loses their key card, quickly and easily delete their old pass code and create them a new one


Manage exactly who is allowed in restricted areas of your business or give temporary access to a contractor

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