Biometric Solutions For Your Business

The goal of any access control system is to let authorized people, not just their credentials, into specific places. Only with the use of a biometric device can this goal be achieved. A card-based access system will control the access of authorized pieces of plastic, but not who is in possession of the card. Systems using PINs require an individual only know a specific number to gain entry; but who actually entered the code cannot be determined. On the contrary, biometric devices verify who people are by fingerprint recognition. Biometric reductions in errors have lowered the capital costs of ID cards in recent years and the true benefit of eliminating them is realized through reduced administrative efforts. For example, a lost card must be replaced and reissued by someone.


Benefits of Biometrics


Here are a few of the benefits you will get from installing a biometric access control system with A1 Security Group. Please contact us today to set up a free consultation.

  • Prevent Buddy Punching
  • Increase Productivity
  • Enhance Loss Prevention
  • Establish Accountability
  • Go Green
  • Achieve Higher Return On Investment


Eliminate the possibility of someone using another employees access code. Only the allowed employee can gain access


A1 Security Group is the regional leader in Paxton integration. Paxton specializes in access control equipment with over 30 years of industry experience


When someone enters through an access point they are logged by the system through their fingerprint, thus if there is ever a discrepancy, you can know exactly who gained access


While zero theft it ideal, there will always be a chance of theft in a business. Biometric access into restricted areas will help identify the culprit and deter potential thefts

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