Security and Maintenance

Your business is greatly dependant on the security systems installed on your premises. Failure of any of your security equipment could lead to a security breach which could result in the loss of valuable data, theft of property, and may put your employees’ or family’s livelihood at risk. To avoid this, it is very important to have the right partner maintain your security systems whether they are installed at the home or the office. Many of our clients find that without regular use and daily management of their security equipment, they tend to need additional training, support and peace of mind that their security equipment is functioning at its full potential.


Service and Maintenance


Like any electronic product that is connected to a network, interruptions in service can occur because of exterior circumstances. Therefore it is our goal to ensure the equipment is functioning properly to help stop a possible security breach and give piece of mind. As costs continue to escalate, an increasing number of our clients are requesting a service and maintenance contract that covers all replacement costs due to normal wear and tear on their security systems. In response, we are offering you a worry-free, 36-month contract that includes the cost of all parts and labor. Our service and maintenance contract will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your security system is being maintained to factory standards and that unexpected service costs are eliminated. We strongly recommend that you review the itemized benefits below. We aim to provide you with the highest possible level of customer service and experience. Here is what the plan includes:

  • On-site system inspection and service every six months
  • Replacement of any low or out-of-date system batteries
  • Necessary part repair or replacement at no charge
  • Priority service scheduling
  • Cleaning and focusing
  • System programming and software upgrades when applicable
  • Additional System Training

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