Video Surveillance Solutions For Your Business

An alarm system is always a good idea, but you can’t activate most of it during business hours when your customers and your employees are on the premises. If you desire to monitor your business in real time and want to record what’s happening when you’re not looking at a monitor, a video surveillance system is the best option. With A1 Security Group, you can choose from a standalone system to cover especially vulnerable areas of your business like cash register or a safe, or capture everything that happens at multiple locations with a fully networkable IP video solution. Ensure safety, manage your business, and protect your assets with a high definition surveillance system from A1 Security Group. Call today to set up a free consultation.


Benefits of Video Surveillance


Video surveillance solutions can give you the tools you need to protect and manage your business. Security camera equipment is a strong deterrent against fraud and theft, and gives you the recorded footage you need to audit activity and make educated management decisions. A1 Security Group offers a variety of digital video solutions that can allow you to have a superior level of control over your surveillance system and the ability to access to it from anywhere in the world.

  • Deter fraud and theft
  • Discourage violence in the workplace and false accident claims
  • Help protect customers and employees
  • Remotely view live or recorded video
  • Save time and money with intelligent video search tools
  • Optional A1 Security Group video monitoring services


View the video feed from your business anywhere in the world using our app on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Allows you to keep track of employees no matter where business takes you


Hikvision is the world’s #1 manufacturer of video surveillance cameras. Protect your business with the confidence that comes with using a product that is installed in over 100 countries and thousands of businesses


Security experts estimate that 33% of employees have stolen from their employer. Deter employees from theft with a surveillance system that will monitor their actions and protect your assets


Protect your most important assets, your employees. Video surveillance will give you and your employees peace of mind.

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